July 18, 2023

42 North Dental Sees VideaAI as a Game-changer for Patients and Dentists, Plans for Full Roll Out in 2023

More than 90% of patients now want AI-assisted dental visits due to increased trust and transparency.

BOSTON - July 18, 2023 - Leading dental support organization (DSO) 42 North Dental announced today that its use of VideaHealth’s dental AI technology has had a clear, measurable impact on clinical treatment for every practice using VideaAI. As the largest dental support organization in the Northeast, 42 North Dental-supported practices treat hundreds of thousands of patients per year across 100+ locations. Patient data shows that 90% of those who received diagnoses backed by VideaAI want to only receive care at practices that leverage VideaHealth’s artificial intelligence (AI).

“We recognized that dental AI has the potential to transform dentistry itself, and VideaHealth is the clear leader - offering the best product and partnership in the market. VideaHealth’s dental AI, through early disease detection, helps improve patient lives and achieve better clinical outcomes by providing earlier and more minimally invasive care. 42 North Dental is committed to a culture of quality, safety and efficiency, and VideaHealth’s dental AI helps us achieve these goals with every patient interaction,” said Dr. Michael Scialabba, DDS, chief clinical officer at 42 North Dental. 

The 42 North Dental clinical evaluation process is stringent and continuous, with dentists from all geographies and specialties setting the clinical standards that practices want to achieve and choosing the best solutions to adhere to them. Dentists across the 42 North Dental practices are already diagnosing early-stage decay and disease at two times the rate prior to integrating VideaAI, and seeing the rate of treatment acceptance increase from 30% to 90%. 

Florian Hillen, CEO and founder of VideaHealth said, “42 North Dental’s commitment to delivering the best dental care to all patients, in every situation, starts at the top and permeates the whole organization. Their decision to deploy VideaAI is a testament to their vision.” He added, “Better care is always the goal, and clinicians aided by AI truly drive better outcomes.” 

About 42 North Dental LLC

42 North Dental is a leading dental organization supporting 42 practice brands in 113 locations. Committed to eliminating barriers to quality patient care by providing administrative support to dental practices, 42 North Dental presents opportunities that help doctors and their teams professionally advance while growing the practice to its fullest potential. 42 North Dental's affiliation model offers dental providers clinical autonomy and equity ownership, as well as unmatched administrative support. 42 North Dental was created for dentists and is rooted in over 40 years of experience in dentistry. To learn more, visit https://www.42northdental.com/

About VideaHealth

VideaHealth’s VideaAI is the dental AI platform trusted by the world's leading DSOs and dental clinicians. Rooted in AI research conducted at Harvard and MIT, VideaHealth’s FDA-cleared dental AI technology is clinically proven to improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment plans, enabling dentists to consistently deliver better patient care. Focused on driving clinical excellence, VideaHealth has the largest and most diverse data set in the market, which strengthens clinical decision-making abilities and patient relationships. Backed by leading venture capital firms Spark Capital, Zetta Venture Partners and Pillar VC, VideaHealth is headquartered in Boston. For more information, visit https://www.videa.ai.

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