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Real feedback from real dental professionals

Discover why DSOs and dental clinicians around the country are raving about VideaHealth.

"Videa Perio Assist has been a game-changer for our hygienists and dentists as it helps them more effectively identify signs of periodontal disease. It not only empowers our team to make better treatment recommendations, but also its intuitive visualizations make it very easy for us to educate patients and explain our findings to them."
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Marlene Kacy, Director of Hygiene
42 North Dental
"Patients love to see the findings, especially if there are no findings. We've found that it's a great way to show they have perfect teeth."
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Dr. Stephen DiBenedetto, DDS
Southern Connecticut Dental Group
“Currently both our hygienists and doctors are using Videa. We have it up throughout the day and use it for all patients.”
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Brittany Krebbs, Hygienist
42 North Southbury
"AI accuracy is 5/5. It is very rare that it would detect something that wasn't there, it has not missed anything as far as I could tell! Even with overlap it does pretty well seeing cavities through that!"
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Dr. Nicole Dunlap, DMD
Complete Dental Care
"VideaHealth provides real-time chairside assistance to dentists. I can show the annotated images to patients… Having VideaHealth in front of patients helps them to visually understand their oral diseases, significantly increasing treatment acceptance."
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Dr. Jiachen Lin, DMD
The Smile Institute
“...I use Videa in my office before I enter the operatory to compare its findings to my own just before I see the patient for the exam. I just used Videa for a new patient and not only did it pick up everything that I would have seen, it also picked up a caries I would have missed.”
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Dr. Jordan Reich
Arch Dental of Manhattan
“...VideaHealth made diagnosing each image faster and easier. Occlusal caries can be hard to spot, and the AI helped me confirm some I may have missed.  It is also a great help to our younger hygienists in building their confidence in diagnosing and spotting caries.”
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Dr. Olivia Paulsrud, DDS
The Family Dental Center
"We have easier treatment acceptance and more confident diagnosis. Patients are really able to understand better what we are looking at when we say, "you have three cavities since your last visit." They can see it and take more accountability for maintaining their oral health."
Headshot of DR WIll Argana wearing a blue shirt with a white collar and blue stripes.
Dr. Will Argana, DMD
Fountainview Dental

"VideaHealth brings so much clarity when showing parents radiographs and caries progression. It allows me to justify why something needs or doesn't need to be done, and at the same time helps educate them about oral health."

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Dr. Deep Shah, D.M.D.
Chief Dental Officer at Oak Dental Partners

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