VideaHealth and Henry Schein One Partner to Launch Dentrix Detect AI.

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We measure impact by how many lives we positively touch. We are on the way towards supporting millions of patients, and will continue to strive until every dental patient gets an accurate diagnosis and every provider captures the efficiencies and faster reimbursement that will scale their business

Our Story

The Power of AI

Videa is on the mission to improve patient health through the power of AI. By leveraging algorithms, analytics and health data, Videa is unlocking health and economic value across the dental value chain - making dentistry more transparent for dentists, insurers and patients.

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our values


Move Health Forward

We are determined to make a tangible difference in health care. Truly improving the care patients are receiving comes before anything else. Technology is a means to an end to achieve a positive impact -- it is never an end in itself. Impacting health has to be measurable – qualitatively or quantitatively. Every step we take has to hold up to the goal of moving healthcare forward. We strive to touch as many lives, in a positive way, as possible!



We embrace collaboration – among colleagues, partners and practitioners. Our endeavor is an ambitious one. We therefore pull everyone’s strengths together to unleash the full potential technology can offer to improve health.
It is in having each other’s back that we will flourish and thrive.


Think  Rigorously

We apply the highest standards to all of our work. We are aware that we operate in a highly delicate field – people’s health. Therefore, we must hold ourselves to extraordinarily high levels of quality in everything we do. Our work is shaped by moving fast, but we always take the time to check and ensure it is flawless. Measure twice, cut once – move fast, but always step back and reflect carefully.



We view our mistakes as opportunities for improvement. We continuously learn on an individual, group, and company level, never taking the status quo as given. We test, we validate, and we improve. Constantly.


Build Community

Given how much we all need to learn, we seek input from and collaborate with our clients and partners on driving performance and breakthroughs. We seek to build communities of practice while delivering impact for our clients.