VideaHealth For DSOs

Drive growth and clinical consistency
all your practices

VideaHealth’s award-winning dental AI platform helps you introduce clinical consistency across your providers and practices.
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Elevate your DSO and deliver better patient outcomes

Diagnosis and treatment planning has never been easier. Meet VideaAI, the most trusted chairside AI platform in dentistry.
Empower clinicians to confidently detect dental findings and monitor progression of disease.
Increase productivity through easier and faster identification of treatment opportunities.
Unlock AI-powered insights instantly to make data-driven decisions and increase clinical efficiency.

Calibrate providers to the same gold standard

Built for DSOs, VideaHealth is your key to identifying clinical opportunities at your practices and delivering a standardized level of patient care.
View real-time treatment plan data and performance insights across practices.
Identify opportunities to calibrate and mentor clinicians so you can establish a higher practice-wide standard of care.
Uncover gaps in care, and ensure consistent clinical performance and a standardized patient experience.
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Increase case acceptance and production

Redefine patient education with visualizations that will transform the patient experience and increase patient loyalty.
AI-backed findings on x-rays provide a second opinion for clinicians, and help build trust with patients resulting in higher case acceptance.
Boost patient retention and conversion with better communication to directly impact your bottom line.
Unlock AI-powered insights to make data-driven decisions and increase clinical efficiency.

How we serve DSOs

Our AI has analyzed millions of images and is trained by expert clinicians

X-Ray Data Collection

VideaHealth amassed the largest, most diverse set of data that comprises millions of dental images.

Recruit Expert Analysts

Thousands of dentists are vetted, and only the best are selected to annotate x-rays used to train our AI. This enables the AI to learn from the best “teachers.”
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X-Ray Annotation

Expert dentists label images to identify suspect diseases and provide high-quality data to the AI algorithms.

AI Training

The AI learns from millions of data points to identify patterns of suspected disease and recognize areas that may require further intra-oral investigation.
The Most Advanced Chairside AI Analysis

Uncover more treatment identification opportunities

FDA clearance for caries detection and interproximal bone level measurement


Periapical radiolucent lesions (PRL)

Other suspect dental findings

Bridges, crowns and fillings

AI image history to track oral health progression

See the Videa difference

Are you a DSO or clinician? Tell us about yourself to see VideaHealth in action!
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