ai prediction
ai prediction
ai prediction

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Revolutionizing the patient experience to unlock new value for dental practices and insurers through AI-driven image analysis and analytics that streamlines diagnoses, treatment planning and claims processing.

for practices-for practices-

Videa Insights

Manage and grow your practices with actionable insights. Improve quality assurance and training for your clinical staff. Make better-informed acquisition decisions

Videa Detect

Improve disease detection by 15% compared to the average unaided dentist. Increase case acceptance with a real-time second opinion and advanced visual case presentation.


“VideaDetect saves us time by quickly displaying diseased areas of concern that I can focus in on and present to the patient. It is also phenomenal for marketing, patient perception, patient education, and case presentation”
Dr. Eric Block DMD, CAGS, FICOI
“We love using Videahealth for educating myself, my team and patients. Diagnosis is the first step of providing great dental care and Videahealth truly shines to bring accuracy and objectivity to the field of dentistry”
Dr. Yosoon Kim, DMD

for insurers-for insurers

Videa Review

Reduce administrative costs with advanced claim analysis. Automatically assess all claims for clinical necessity. Batch approve most, and direct only suspect ones to dental consultants.

Videa Triage

Improve dental loss ratio and provider network quality. Flag inadequate claims such as duplicate x-ray submissions and over-coding for further review.

about us-About Us

VideaHealth was born out of MIT and Harvard after two years of research uncovered that on average, dentists miss up to 50% of periapical lucencies, infections of the tooth roots, and wrongly identify 30% of them. Videa is on a mission to improve patients health through the power of AI. By leveraging algorithms, analytics and health data, Videa is unlocking health and economic value across the dental value chain - making dentistry more transparent for dentists, insurers and patients.

our team-our team

Team Members

Florian Hillen

Founder and CEO

Shahid Jabbar, PhD

Director of Engineering

Christian Ledig, PhD

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Reha Jhunjhunwala, DMD

Clinical Operations Manager

Jad Ojjeh

Chief of Staff

William Sweeney, PhD

Data Scientist

Louis Renaux

Machine Learning Engineer

Manuel Zahn

Machine Learning Engineer

Anuj Dutt

Machine Learning Engineer

Shaily Shah

Regulatory and Quality Lead

Emre Gulturk

Quality and Compliance Consultant

Dante Lacuadra

Software Engineering Intern

Michael Morton

Senior Software Engineer

Aditya Munot

Junior Software Engineer

Khara Gresham, DMD

Clincal Operations Specialist

Board & Clinical Advisors

Michael Hahn, DDS

Clinical Strategy Advisor

Yooson Kim, DMD

KOL & Clinical Product Advisor

Polina Golland, PhD


Mark Gorenberg

Managing Director
Zetta Venture Partners

Karim Lakhani, PhD

Harvard Business School

Dr. Amir Fereidouni

Clinical Advisor

David Edelman

Chief Marketing Advisor

Chris Reed

Clinical OPERATIONS Advisor


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