November 29, 2022

VideaHealth + Henry Schein One: Accelerating the Dental AI movement

How our groundbreaking partnership with HenrySchein One will revolutionize dentistry with artificial intelligence

Many know I am a passionate advocate for change – and I believe that we’re on the verge of a transformative moment in dentistry.

In fact, I recently did a TEDx talk about this and the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry.

More and more leading DSOs and dental practices are coming online, choosing VideaHealth as their dental AI partner to deliver a superior patient experience and to improve patient care.

In the near future, hundreds of thousands of dentists across the world will be able to provide higher-quality, more accurate, and more consistent care to their patients by tapping into the power of AI.

That future just became a lot closer with our new partnership. 

Introducing the VideaHealth + Henry Schein One partnership

I am thrilled to announce that VideaHealth and Henry Schein One have partnered to bring AI technology to dental practices using the Dentrix® Practice Management System, the most used PMS system in the market. Read the press release here

Henry Schein One is one of the most trusted brands in the dental industry, and Dentrix is already embedded in tens of thousands of practices across the country. Our new relationship means that virtually every one of those practices can access the power of VideaHealth’s AI to elevate the patient experience and overall care. 

And, this also marks one of the largest, if not THE largest deployment of AI in healthcare and a great leap forward toward medical-dental integration.

Seamlessly integrated AI with Dentrix Detect AI

Dentrix® Detect AI powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, the leading dental AI platform embedded directly into Dentrix® Practice Management Systems, enables clinicians to more efficiently and accurately diagnose caries lesions. 

Its chairside AI insights help clinicians save time, increase case acceptance and treatment plan value, and increase the detection of caries lesions by as much as 31%. 

Our brand is built on trust and with ample evidence of the efficacy of our AI, dentists can trust the recommendations. Moreover, Dentrix users don’t need to do anything differently – the AI is already built in. This is the beauty of our platform - we handle the complexity so clinicians don’t have to. Our AI just works. 

At a high level, our AI has been trained on 50 times more X-rays than a dentist will ever see over the course of their career. We can actually help reduce missed disease detection by 43% and reduce diagnostic errors by an additional 15%. In fact, in some studies, we have shown that our AI can identify cavities five years earlier than dentists do. Instead of a root canal, this would be a simple filling. That's a huge increase in quality performance. 

As the dental community works to maintain oral and medical health in patients, it needs advanced technologies such as Dentrix® Detect AI that can grant better preventative care. 

Today is a proud moment for me, the culmination of months of hard work and commitment from our team and the folks at Henry Schein One. There is much work ahead, but for today, I am pausing to celebrate this milestone in the dental AI movement.  

We’re on a mission to bring better care to millions of dental patients, and with today’s news, we’ve taken a giant leap forward. 

Want to try Dentrix Detect AI in your practice? Request a demo today.

Florian Hillen, CEO & Founder of VideaHealth
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