March 8, 2024

Improving Caries Diagnostics: Enhanced Accuracy and Ease of Use with VideaAI Caries 2.0

In a short span, dental AI has transformed dentistry, with VideaAI becoming essential for thousands of clinicians worldwide. Analyzing 500 million X-rays and supporting millions of patients, its impact is profound. Caries 2.0, the latest upgrade, extends reach, accuracy, and usability. Read on to learn about how dedication to accurate AI can affect your practice and patients.

In 2022 dental AI was something most dentists had never heard of, much less put to use in practice. But today, tens of thousands of dental clinicians rely on VideaAI daily to inform their treatment recommendations, educate patients, increase early detection and treatment, and verify their holistic oral exams. The numbers are staggering: we already have 500 million X-rays, and support tens of millions of patients. 

Here’s the impact - AI models like ChatGPT or VideaHealth improve as they can analyze more data. This means that in addition to launching entirely new capabilities (see our recent FDA Clearence announcement), we can also improve existing functionality. So today, we’re proud to announce we have made a dramatic upgrade to our Caries model - please welcome Caries 2.0!

What’s better? Everything - including reach, accuracy, and ease of use. 

  • Reach: Caries 2.0 is clinically approved for a wider age range - patients ages three and up. In addition, the improved model is effective on both primary and permanent teeth (to our knowledge, an industry first) and can be applied to both periapical x-rays and film x-rays.
  • Accuracy: Caries 2.0 finds three times the number of caries, including small and subtle findings that might be easily missed. We’ve also increased reliability and reduced false positives (inaccurate detections) on sharpened and low-quality images.
  • Ease of use: Caries 2.0 indicates caries detections and existing restorative concerns detections, like imperfect crown margins, separately; a format more natural for dentists to interpret. While identifying more detections, it is now easy to focus on the findings that matter.

These improvements result from 100+ experts and 10s of millions of x-rays labeling millions of annotations, as well as our work with dentists and clinical teams, gathering their feedback and listening to their suggestions.

To see how VideaAI Caries 2.0 can impact your practice and patient's, click here for a customized demo.

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