Case study
October 17, 2023

How Lumio Dental used VideaAI to increase case acceptance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a crucial technology in various industries, including dentistry. Lumio Dental, a Dental Service Organization (DSO) based in Oklahoma with 64 locations, acknowledged AI’s potential to enhance patient lives, establish quality care standards, and train its providers.

Dive into this case study to learn how Lumio Dental, a DSO with over 30 locations, leveraged VideaAI to grow case acceptance and uncover significant revenue opportunities across their practices.

Key highlights include:

  • Lumio utilized AI to enhance clinical consistency, resulting in significant growth in case acceptance
  • A remarkable 16% increase in case acceptance of periodontal treatments
  • How Lumio drove over 20% increase in production per patient post AI-integration
  • Identified $24 million potential additional annual revenue, translating into a ~50x return on investment of VideaAI

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"We piloted two dental AI companies simultaneously. When I looked at the results, they told me VideaHealth won. Whether it’s more procedures done or adoption rates, or even provider feedback, all of my data tells me VideaHealth is the best choice in the market. We are excited for what’s to come with our partner.”

Dave Kerman, MBA - VP of Operations at Lumio Dental

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