Recorded Webinar

A Chief Clinical Officer’s Perspective on How AI is Transforming his DSO

Dr. Michael Scialabba of 42 North Dental shares his personal experience on how VideaAI has helped his 100+ location DSO improve patient care.

42 North Dental is one of the first large DSOs to implement dental AI broadly across their 100+ practices.

In this recorded webinar, Dr. Michael Scialabba, Chief Clinical Officer of 42 North, shares his experience using VideaAI.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how VideaAI can transform your approach to dental diagnostics and patient care.
  • Discover VideaAI's new capabilities in both pediatric and comprehensive adult dental care.
  • Learn about the groundbreaking FDA clearance of VideaAI and what it means for the future of dentistry.

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A laptop screen shows a dental image of a tooth.
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Webinar speakers

Headshot of DR MS
Dr. Michael Scialabba, DDS

Chief Clinical Officer at 42 North Dental

Dr. Michael Scialabba is the Chief Clinical Officer at 42 North Dental. Previous roles include Chief of Dental at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, the CEO of Great Hill Dental Partners, and an Associate Dentist at Dental Care Associates. Dr. Scialabba has a BS in Finance from Boston College, a Certificate with ADA in Dental Practice Management from the University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business, and a DDS in Dentistry from Stony Brook University.

A woman with long hair and a black shirt is smiling at the camera.
Katie Poulsen, RDH

Product Marketing Manager at VideaHealth

Katie C. Poulsen’s dental journey embodies clinical expertise, leadership, communication advocacy, tech marketing, writing, and podcasting. Raised in a dental family, Katie’s 14-year dental hygienist role is complemented by a master’s in professional communication. Transitioning to tech, Katie continues to excel in Dental Tech as a customer and product marketer for companies like Dental Intelligence and VideaHealth.