January 29, 2024

Beyond Words: VideaHealth's AI and the Future of Dental Patient Education

Explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly through VideaHealth, on oral health literacy. Addressing challenges such as language barriers, VideaHealth's AI provides personalized visual representations, overcoming the limitations of traditional methods and revolutionizing patient education by increasing oral health literacy and fostering collaborative, informed approaches to dental care.

Oral health literacy is a critical aspect of overall well-being, yet it is often overlooked. It has been shown that many individuals, particularly those facing language barriers and economic challenges, have difficulty understanding information related to dental hygiene. In the United States, only 1 in 10 adults can fully understand written material on health, highlighting a significant gap in oral health literacy. This blog explores how artificial intelligence (AI), specifically through VideaHealth, transforms patient education and bridges the gap in oral health literacy.

The Oral Health Literacy Dilemma

Before delving into the role of AI in dental education, it's essential to understand the challenges in oral health literacy. Oral health literacy is the ability to understand the language of dental health. This does not mean dental jargon but the ability to comprehend one's oral health and make educated decisions about dental care based on given information. 

Poverty and language barriers contribute to limited access to care and understanding of oral health conditions. "Individuals with low health literacy skills often have difficulty describing dental problems to their dentist and understanding dental conditions described by the dentist."  A lack of oral health literacy is attributed to decreasing trust in dental care, reducing patients' desire to seek treatment in the future, thus creating a cycle of anxiety, fear, and oral health neglect. 

According to a patient consumer survey, “Patients don’t understand the value and urgency behind early treatment - or treatment recommendations in general. They are hearing the words, but they believe these recommendations are optional and subjective.” The dilemma with oral health literacy goes beyond just understanding what dental health is to the urgency of dental care and its necessity to reduce risk of potential general health risks.

According to the American Dental Association, the playbook for increasing a patient's oral health literacy is to train dental staff and use customer education tools like charts and models. These traditional methods fall short of addressing oral health literacy for two main reasons: 

  • Training staff is time-consuming, costly, and filled with barriers such as consistency of training for all staff. Additionally, with the rise of staff turnover in the dental industry, the "training" solution is daunting. 
  • Charts and models are often arbitrary and unrelated to the specific needs of the patients. Additionally, they aren't customized or personalized to the patient. 

Although stock pictures have been the solution for decades, the sterile and static nature of the images makes them hard to understand for many. Now, imagine an alternative that can go beyond language barriers - dental AI. VideaAI is a game-changer in patient education, offering a tailored approach to oral health literacy. 

Patient View with VideaAI

Paint a Picture

VideaHealth's AI segmentation (colored in toothparts and potential concerns) gives patients a personalized visual representation of their oral health conditions. No longer are they reliant on generic charts or models. Our approach ensures the information is specific to their needs, fostering better understanding.

We've Got Your Back 

For dentists, VideaAI's FDA-cleared annotations streamline the diagnostic process by drawing the eye quickly to areas of concern and allowing providers to use their knowledge to diagnose dental conditions with the aid of boxes or lines on a radiograph. AI annotations automatically overlay relevant information on X-rays, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis.

Solving Oral Health Literacy Problems

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Visuals play a pivotal role in education. AI-driven segmentation (colored in toothparts and potential concerns) ensures that the picture is not just worth a thousand words but is also tailored to the individual patient's needs. This customized approach establishes trust, urgency, and understanding, creating a solid foundation for effective communication.

VideaAI's patient view showing a segmented x-ray
Language Barriers Don't Exist with Images

AI transcends language barriers. Visual representations make complex information accessible to everyone, irrespective of language proficiency. This inclusivity ensures that crucial information about oral health is universally understood.

VideaHealth's AI is an equalizer, bringing patients and dentists onto the same playing field. No longer do dental relationships remain asymmetric. Patients gain insight into their needs, fostering a collaborative and informed approach to oral health.

Increasing Case Acceptance

Choosing a dental provider equipped with AI for customized patient views increases case acceptance. Patients are more likely to understand and accept recommended treatments when presented with clear visual evidence.

In a VideaHealth study with DSO, Lumio dental findings suggest an increase of 20+% in restorative concerns when patients were presented with AI on case presentation. Additionally, data from a study of 41 DSOs and over 450k+ patients showed an increase of 20+% of case acceptance with periodontal treatments. This data clearly shows that when patients are shown AI when being educated about their needs, they are more likely to accept the treatment. 

VideaAI's patient view showing a segmented x-ray.
Choosing an AI Provider

It is becoming well-known that AI can be an effective patient education tool, and many providers know they need to adopt AI but are looking to differentiate between AI providers. We suggest choosing an AI provider with the most FDA-cleared annotations. VideaHealth has FDA clearance on dental AI models covering almost all dental diseases diagnosed on 2D x-rays. This difference will help providers tailor patient education to the present conditions instead of only a select few. In short, VideaHealth stands out with its comprehensive AI coverage, allowing dental providers the autonomy and tools at their fingertips to customize patient education. 

VideaHealth's AI is revolutionizing patient education, making strides in increasing oral health literacy. By addressing language barriers and providing tailored visual representations, VideaHealth ensures patients receive the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health.

Dental AI is the great equalizer. It changes the dynamic forever by offering unbiased and data-driven analysis that both the patient and the dentists can view and discuss together during the visit. -Florian Hillen, CEO of VideaHealth

See It in Action 

Check out VideaHealth today to experience the future of oral health education. Talk to our sales team and discover how AI can transform your dental practice or DSO, fostering better communication and understanding between you and your patients.

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