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Dental AI: A Bridge for
Awareness & Action

VideaHealth conducted a survey to learn what Americans think about the connection between oral and overall health, and why they do not always follow their dentist's treatment recommendation. The survey results show that while the reasons for declining or delaying treatment vary, most would be more likely to take their dentist’s recommendations if AI validated their diagnosis.



Almost all (94%) people surveyed agree that dental health correlates with overall health.

Americans are not getting treatment for dental issues.


only get treatment if pain becomes too great or ignore dental problems completely.


declined or delayed dental treatment in the past.


questioned or hesitated to commit to a treatment their dentist suggested.

Top reasons why people question or hesitate on treatments




Fear or Pain


Don't consider dental issues to be problematic

The case for dental AI

Accepting earlier dental treatment can save significant money and time as well as stave off more complicated and invasive treatments and long-term health issues. 
One in four adults in the U.S. have an untreated cavity.1
More than 47% of Americans have periodontal or gum disease.2
$154 billion is the estimated cost of untreated gum disease alone.3
More than $45 billion in U.S. productivity is lost each year due to untreated oral disease.4
Dashboard mockup


of people surveyed are open to the use of AI in dentistry.


are open to the use of dental AI if it helps catch issues early or reduces the need for future invasive treatment.


are open to the use of dental AI if it helps catch issues early or reduces the need for future invasive treatment.

“AI in dentistry is a game-changer. The positive impact of dental AI on patient behavior can make a meaningful impact on health, which in turn can drive down costs.”

Florian Hillen

CEO VideaHealth

About VideaHealth

VideaHealth brings AI to the dental chair, helping dental clinicians provide better care, build patient relationships and drive financial performance. Providers from the largest dental chains in the country to smaller independent practices use VideaHealth to identify and treat the most important dental conditions, helping thousands of dentists analyze millions of patients each year. Backed by leading venture capital firms Spark Capital, Zetta Venture Partners and Pillar VC, VideaHealth is headquartered in Boston.

Survey Methodology

The VideaHealth consumer survey was conducted online by Directions Research, which is independently recognized as one of the nation’s leading business decision insight firms. The survey was fielded from October 12-16, 2023, among a demographically balanced nationally representative sample of 1,047 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older.