May 22, 2023

4 Measurable AI Tips to Attract and Train Top Dentists for DSOs

DSOs can effectively attract and train new dental providers by incorporating cutting-edge dental image AI technology like VideaHealth, showcasing their commitment to superior patient care and maintaining their industry leadership.

Hiring and training new dental providers can be a daunting task for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), especially with the rapid advancement of dental technology. However, dental AI, such as VideaAI, can help attract new hires and quickly get them up to speed. Here are some tips DSOs can use dental AI to attract and train new providers.

Tip One: Stay at the Forefront of Technology

To attract and retain top talent, DSOs must remain at the forefront of technology. By incorporating dental AI into their practices, DSOs can showcase their commitment to providing the best possible patient care. Dental AI can help providers make more confident diagnoses and provide personalized treatment plans, improving patient outcomes.

Tip Two: Use AI Early in the Interview Process

Using dental AI early in the interview process can help seal the deal. By showcasing AI during interviews, DSOs can demonstrate how it can help dentists and hygienists feel more confident in diagnosing and treating decay and periodontal disease. Dental AI can also help put new providers at ease so they don't feel they are going it alone.

Tip Three: Use Dental AI as a Training Tool

Dental image AI can be a training tool to improve provider confidence in their diagnoses. VideaAI’s “confirm” or “reject” feature allows dentists to hide or keep annotations presented by the AI model, allowing them to work with the AI and practice. Additionally, VideaAI can provide historical image annotations, helping train dentists to track the progression of caries over time.

Tip Four: Customize Radiographic Bone Level to Your DSO Standards

Customizing radiographic bone loss thresholds can help providers make diagnoses that align with your DSO's philosophy on periodontal disease. By setting thresholds appropriate for their DSO's standards, hygienists can identify areas of concern and make more informed treatment recommendations.

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VideaAI RBL lines showing red as severe bone loss and yellow as and moderate.

"When we have a patient who is on that borderline of, there's some inflammation going on; there are some 4's and 5's. What do we do? Having something objective and calibrated through math and science helps us feel more confident in our diagnosis, and when we feel confident, we can better communicate with our patients."

Dr. Jordan Reich of Arch Dental in Manhattan

Why VideaHealth?

Incorporating dental image AI into their practices can help DSOs attract new hires and quickly get them up to speed. By using dental AI as a training tool, customizing radiographic bone loss thresholds, improving communication between dentists and hygienists, and increasing efficiency and productivity, DSOs can provide the best possible patient care.

Come experience the VideaHealth difference.

We are committed to providing DSOs with the tools they need to implement dental AI successfully. Our platform is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, allowing DSO leaders to integrate dental AI seamlessly into their practices. We also offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that all providers use dental AI to its fullest potential.

Katie Poulsen, MPC, RDH
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