October 3, 2022

AI and Dentistry - The Becker's Healthcare Podcast

VideaHealth founder and CEO, Florian Hillen joins the Becker's Healthcare Podcast to discuss how dental AI software improves the diagnostic accuracy of dentists, enhances treatment plan value and helps ensure patients get the proper care they need, when they need it.

In this episode, Florian explains:

  • What is AI, what industries use it and how is it relevant in healthcare and dentistry
  • How AI technology is helping DSOs provide consistent, quality experiences for patients and providers across practices 
  • How dental AI technology has the power to drive progress on the operational and clinical side
  • Benefits of AI-powered dentistry including:
  • Elevated patient care
  • Better trust between the patient and dentist
  • Workflow automation such as charting treatments 
  • The importance of accuracy and ethics in AI and how and why VideaHealth prioritized this
  • AI's impact on the future of dental care

Learn more about AI-powered dentistry

At VideaHealth, we seamlessly integrate our FDA-cleared AI into the existing workflows of dentists and have an uncontested level of AI accuracy. Enhancing a dentist's ability to analyze patient X-rays helps ensure patients receive an accurate diagnosis, elevates the standard of care and improves patient outcomes and office efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about AI-powered dentistry's benefits or schedule a demonstration. 

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