August 24, 2022

3 Benefits of AI in Dentistry

With the right approach to operationalizing AI, dentists can significantly improve outcomes for both the patients and their practices.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking healthcare by storm, and dentistry is no exception. Adopting the advanced technology within the industry allows dental offices to operationalize and benefit from AI even faster than in specialties such as oncology and radiology. Considering how the average dental practice is structured today, the innovation potential is vast. 

Early adopter dentists and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are leveraging AI to elevate the standard of care and improve patient outcomes. With VideaHealth, dentists can use AI to employ a data-driven approach that streamlines workflows in the office while enhancing diagnostics, reducing potential human error and bias and enabling dentists to deliver the most accurate diagnoses possible.

Here are three ways dentists and DSOs are currently using AI to gain a competitive edge and improve the clinical experience for their patients.  

1) Better diagnostics and patient relationships

Dentists, AI cannot act as a replacement for your expertise and relationship with your patients. However, it can quickly analyze your large bank of patient data, learn from it and help you make more accurate diagnoses while analyzing bitewing X-rays. As AI learns from your patient records, it can integrate data from thousands of other dentists and begin creating trends, enhancing pathology detection and treatment recommendations. 

A joint study we completed with our partner Heartland Dental, which supports over 2,400 doctors in more than 1,600 dental offices across 38 states, revealed that VideaHealth's AI platform helped clinicians detect 46% more cavities while decreasing errors by 10%. AI expands upon your knowledge and expertise to help you deliver the most accurate diagnoses possible. 


Armed with data-driven diagnostics, you can build on your relationships with your patients and make the best treatment recommendations for them. You can be more transparent and share impartial evidence to cultivate greater trust and comfort between you and your patient. More accurate diagnoses lead to a better relationship and patient experience, ensuring better patient outcomes.


2) Operational efficiency

The benefits of AI extend to office managers, clinical assistants and other team members. Routine tasks can also be automated, freeing the team for more meaningful work. AI-powered NLP talk-to-type can save office staff time by automatically transcribing dentists' notes. Moreover, the algorithms used by AI can even automate charting, eliminating time-intensive tasks that pull the team away from patient-centered care. And, as new dental professionals graduate from school into the workforce, they're coming prepared with skills and proficiency for using AI and other cutting-edge technology. Equipping your practice with the latest innovations gives you an advantage in recruiting the next generation of dental specialists.


3) Scalability

One of the biggest challenges multi-practice dental groups and DSOs face is the ability to provide consistent, quality experiences for patients and providers across practices. Standardized care and seamless operations are critical for fostering practice growth and scale. And, let’s face it. It would be an insurmountable task for chief dental officers for mid-to-large DSOs to personally visit each dental practice, provide personal coaching or do one-on-one chart reviews to calibrate for scale. Now, more than ever, multi-practice groups and DSOs need new tools that support their growth both on the operational and the clinical side. AI has the power to drive exponential progress.

Partner with VideaHealth

AI is essential to the dental industry's future as it ensures fair, accurate and equitable treatment for all patients. With the right approach to operationalizing AI using VideaHealth, dentists can significantly improve outcomes for both the patients and their practices. AI also drives case acceptance up and can lower costs for patients by providing the right treatments at the right time.

AI-enhanced dentistry means more accurate diagnoses and treatment, fewer errors, more effective preventative care and lower patient costs. If you're ready to boost your high-quality care with targeted, AI-driven platforms, contact us today to learn more about how you can start leveraging the power of AI in dentistry with VideaHealth.

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