White Paper

Dental AI:  Hype or Reality -
The True Impact on Dentistry

A comprehensive analysis of over 450,000 patients with VideaAI.

What are the real, tangible benefits of integrating dental AI into the dental practice? This white paper, grounded in extensive research conducted across 40+ DSOs across the US -- the largest of its kind to date -- highlights the growth and enhanced patient experiences enabled by AI adoption. Read the paper to learn about the qualitative and quantitative impact of dental AI.

What you'll learn:
  • Real Results: Detailed analysis of data of 450,000+ patients at 100 dental practices, and the positive impact observed with AI integration at the practice level.
  • Strategies for Growth: Direct insights on how AI can support scalability and streamline operations across your practices.
  • Enhanced Patient Experiences: Learn how AI not only benefits your bottom line but also significantly improves patient satisfaction.
  • Data at Work: Understand how harnessing data effectively can be a game-changer in decision-making for your DSO or practice.

Get the insights you need to spearhead innovation and growth across your practices.

A book that talks about dental reality.
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It made diagnosing each image faster and easier. Occlusal caries can be hard to spot, and the AI helped me confirm some I may have missed. It is also a great help to our younger hygienists in building their confidence in diagnosing and spotting caries.

Dr. Olivia Paulsrud, DDS  The Family Dental Center

Our collaboration with VideaHealth enables us to effectively calibrate our providers to be even more transparent and elevate the level of care we provide to patients using cutting-edge AI technology.

Dr. Michael Scialabba, DDS  42 North Dental