VideaHealth and Henry Schein One Partner to Launch Dentrix Detect AI.

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For Insurers

Power your claim review process with AI-informed claim analysis, reviewing every incoming claim for clinical necessity in seconds. Leverage VideaHealth’s AI suite to deliver faster, more accurate, and more consistent claim adjudication and lower costs.

How We Help


Incoming Claim

Incoming Claim

Better Triage

Analyze every incoming claim for clinical necessity and direct only suspect ones to a dental consultant for review.

Improved FWA protection

Evaluate every incoming claim for fraud, waste, or abuse.


Manual Review

Dental Manual review

Faster Claim Review

Support dental consultants for faster and more accurate claim review.



Insurers Dental Payout

Our Soltutions

Automatic Claim Review

Reduce administrative costs by automatically assessing all claims for clinical necessity. Batch approve most, and direct only the suspect ones to dental consultants.
Reduce unjustified benefit payouts by automatically identifying over-treatment and overcoding.

FWA Protection

Improve dental loss ratio and provider network quality. Flag inadequate claims such as duplicate x-ray submissions for further review.


Our solution integrates seamlessly into legacy claims review systems. We oversee every aspect to ensure each installation is delivered flawlessly.  Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about how you can start using Videa.


"VideaHealth completely transforms the way insurers review and pay out dental claims. Using VideHealth’s AI, every relevant claim is reviewed for clinical necessity and adherence to the plan’s specific policies and requirements. This is all done in a matter of seconds, at a fraction of the cost, and with a level of accuracy and consistency not previously possible."
Michael Hahn, DDS